Cutting Edge MC master of ceremonies short video course

Quik Course 'How To Be A Cutting Edge MC'

Take your MC abilities to the next level and watch your paypacket expand at the same time.

Here are the 10 most powerful skills every successful MC has mastered - and I will show you how you can do the same in under one hour!

If you want to take advantage of your awesome public speaking abilities and work on stage as an entertaining and organised MC at elegant wedding receptions and corporate events, then this short online seminar is perfect for you. 

We cover

  • marketing and maintaining a personal brand, 
  • the keys to a long career, 
  • how to develop your own MC style, 
  • how to keep your performances fresh for you and your audience, and 
  • how to develop strong connections with other MCs and industry professionals that will generate referrals and repeat bookings.

What's included?

24 Videos
4 Texts
Pete Miller
Pete Miller
Creator of the EVENT HOST Masterclass

About the instructor

Pete Miller won MC of the Year’ 3x while authoring the two best-selling MC books used by every international MC making big bucks - YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC and UP FRONT IN CONTROL.

To streamline the process of hiring MCs, Pete created the MC Directory showcasing the world's best corporate and wedding MCs.

His success is the result of tireless practice; fears faced and overcome; mistakes made and learned from. You never find a more passionate and dedicated coach; or anyone more qualified to give you a step by step, secret by secret explanation of how to turn sedate guests into party animals.

Pete has wanted to make the EVENT HOST video masterclass for many years - as he believes that public speaking is better watched than reading about. Finally, Pete is proud to present his Masterclass for those speakers wishing to extend their employment prospects and enhance their pay-packet.

If you want to accelerate your MC career, Pete is available for individual mentoring to graduates of the Masterclass. Otherwise, contact him to find out where the latest live workshops are being held throughout the world.

This information is the secret sauce that separates ordinary MCs pulling a 'gig' now and then from the First Class International Event Hosts that WOW each and every audience - and have a stack of forward bookings and inquiries from every MC job.

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