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What others have been saying about this course:

Eugene Cloete

Beyond great

Ty Pete For sharing your expertise with us. Thank you for taking the time to change suits and backgrounds. Once again thank you for loving and honoring weddings so much to give us this material. Greatly appreciated.

Chris Madu


Great insights into everything an Event Host MC should know, whether new to the game or a self-proclaimed master

Samuel Madden

Enormous Help and Eye Opener!

I recently had the privilege of being asked to MC a friend’s wedding and knew it was no easy task to get right. Having been to weddings previously and remembering past MC’s, I knew there was an enormous difference in value-added from having a good...

Richard Hansen

Well structured and professionally presented class.

I came into this course as a fairly experienced event and conference M.C/compére but have never hosted a wedding, even though I had been asked several times. To be honest I didn't believe was confident to enter the wedding M.C arena. I was blo...

Miho Noguchi

Simple, easy-to-follow lessons but full of invaluable professional tips

As I had known Peter personally as well as from his great books "You Can Be a Wedding MC" and "Up Front In Control," I was so excited to hear that he launched this online course and to become one of its first students. As a multilingual event...

AJ Harmer

Absolutely Incredible

Pete just a message of thanks for the incredible content within the EVENT HOST MASTERCLASS. As a full time MC-Magician-Entertainer I’m always looking to hone and polish my presentation. The EVENT HOST MASTERCLASS has taken my skill set to a whole ...

Tina Kimura

Full of helpful information

The course was full of tips that I can incorporate in my next emcee event. Since emceeing is a solo job, it is quite rare to hear about experiences of other professionals. I enjoyed hearing about Peter's career and episodes that happened...

EVENT HOST Masterclass :: the complete course to build a successful career as a charismatic Wedding MC

Turn your public speaking skills into money-making skills by working as an elegant emcee every weekend at exciting wedding receptions. Earn back the course fee in one or two jobs. PLEASE NOTE: the fee is in Australian Dollars

What's included?

79 Videos
5 Quizzes
15 Texts
13 PDFs
5 Disqus

Course Curriculum

Stage One 'How To Prepare'
Stage Three 'How To Personalize'
Stage Four 'How To Perform'
EXTRA Bonus Reading To Accelerate Your MC Career

Welcome to wonderful world of working as a wedding Event Host aka a Master of Ceremonies or MC.

You’re about to learn the insider, trade-secrets to being a super-successful Rockstar Event Host; which just happens to be one of the best jobs in the world.

As the leader of the event, you make a major positive impact in the lives of - not just the bride and groom - but all their family and their friends.

It’s the Event Host MC who brings all the preparations, the dreams and desires together for one memorable occasion. You’ve got to get it right and I’m here to guarantee that you do.

EVENT HOST MASTERCLASS gives you all the tools needed to build a real rapport with the crowd, deliver speeches and anecdotes with confidence and passion, and become known as the “Fun MC.”

Learn the secrets to getting paid as the public speaker who leads an elegant wedding reception using the power of their personality.

We cover

How to project your voice

Microphone technique

Personal branding

Getting booked

Marketing your services

How much $$ to charge


Word-for-word scripts for each segment of the event

Do you qualify to take this course? Are there any prerequisites? What previous experience do I need?

You are perfect for the Event Host Masterclass if you have:

  • Public speaking skills and want to make better use of this valuable resource
  • Previous training via the Toastmasters Organisation
  • A strong desire to see a live event exceed beyond the expectations of the audience and the organisers
  • The ability to shine the light on others and make them feel special; in other words, it's not all about you. A great MC becomes a star themselves by making the guests feel like superstars !
  • Experience speaking on stage in front of a live crowd

* Sorry but this course is not for newbie speakers or folks who need to cure their stage fright

The ideal Event Host Masterclass student:

  • Is wanting to monetize their speaking skills by working as an Event Host MC at wedding receptions
  • Is a graduate of the Toastmasters Organisation 'SpeechCraft' course
  • Is a professional performer such as a TV presenter, actor, singer or musician, corporate emcee, compere, trainer, experienced public speaker and toastmaster, comedian, or magician
  • Are ladies or men who have been asked to act as the Event Host MC at a friends wedding reception and need to know the exact procedures
  • Are confident communicators who know the wedding MC role as the ultimate side-hustle

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand how straightforward hosting a wedding reception really is if you follow the advice techniques and templates set out in the course
  • Handle all the stages of preparing, presenting, personalising, persuading and performing as an entertaining and organised Event Host MC
  • See that MCing a wedding reception is not as difficult as described by many non-professionals and is, instead, one of the most satisfying jobs in the world
  • Judge whether or not to pursue representation into a professional Event Host MC career with the International MC Directory
  • Enjoy increased comedic timing and sharper spontaneity skills
  • Be aware of how to market yourself as a live Event Host MC (Master of Ceremonies / Master of Ceremony*)

* the old-fashioned term "Master of Ceremonies" and "Master of Ceremony" is not used by professionals anymore as it is redundant and gender-specific.

What are you waiting for?

Its your time right now. 

Turn your public speaking skills into money-making skills by learning how to work as an entertaining and organized wedding MC. 

Learn from the best in the business and skyrocket your on-stage career.

Join the explosion in demand for professional emcees.

Click to begin your Event Host Masterclass now
Pete Miller
Pete Miller
Creator of the EVENT HOST Masterclass

A little about your instructor and mentor MC Pete Miller

Pete Miller won MC of the Year’ 3x while authoring the two best-selling MC books used by every international MC making big bucks - YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC and UP FRONT IN CONTROL.

To streamline the process of hiring MCs, Pete created the MC Directory showcasing the world's best corporate and wedding MCs.

His success is the result of tireless practice; fears faced and overcome; mistakes made and learned from. You never find a more passionate and dedicated coach; or anyone more qualified to give you a step by step, secret by secret explanation of how to turn sedate guests into party animals.

Pete has wanted to make the EVENT HOST video masterclass for many years - as he believes that public speaking is better watched than reading about. Finally, Pete is proud to present his Masterclass for those speakers wishing to extend their employment prospects and enhance their pay-packet.

If you want to accelerate your MC career, Pete is available for individual mentoring to graduates of the Masterclass. Otherwise, contact him to find out where the latest live workshops are being held throughout the world.


Become the Speaker You Were Meant To Be

Make $$$ from your awesome public speaking skills today

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